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  Shaoxing Archives was established in March, 1979. As the sole national comprehensive archives in Shaoxing, it is a National Second-level Archives. There are archival management section, archival editing and research section and archival technology section, etc. These sections are in charge of archives acquisition and collection, archival management, archival reference service, archives information research, historical exhibition, and archives informatization promotion respectively.
  Shaoxing Archives building come into use in August, 2008 with gross investment 105 million yuan and total area 21477M2, among which the records storehouse reaches 5273M2.It was equipped by advanced security system, fire protect system, temperature and humidity control system, etc which ensure the safety of archives. There is a 1400m2 hall for archival reference service. Our staff is available to provide reference assistance to you and you can also access and use electronic records by yourself in VIP reading room or electronic reading room. Fast and efficient services are available here.